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Hudson Valley

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Hudson Valley

With the free Bloomberg Connects app, explore expert-curated content and behind-the-scenes guides to the Hudson Valley’s most exciting cultural institutions. Whether you’re looking for snackable content or deep dives, we’ve got thousands of hours of bespoke audio, video and text content for you to explore.

The app offers a number of features to enhance your in-person visit with trip-planning tools, maps and lookup numbers for quick access to app content. Learn about the institutions in the Hudson Valley you can find on Bloomberg Connects below.

Ugo Rondinone: The sun and the moon, Outlooks: RA Walden, and Beatriz Cortez: The Volcano That Left

Through November 13, 2023

Martin Puryear: Process and Scale

Through December 17, 2023

Ettore Spalletti: Parole di colore

Through January 8, 2024

Mario Schifano: The Rise of the ’60s

Through January 8, 2024

Senga Nengudi

Long-term view

Rita McBride: Arena Momentum

Through January 2025

Pippa Garner: $ELL YOUR $ELF

Through October 29, 2023

Purple Haze: Art and Drugs Across the Americas

Through December 10, 2023

A Living Collection


Silver Linings: Celebrating the Spelman Art Collection

Through January 28, 2024

Interwoven Histories: Prints by the Gee’s Bend Quilting Collective

Through January 28, 2024